A BOD POD Body Composition Assessment is extremely simple, comfortable,
and takes only five minutes – less than two minutes inside the BOD POD!

Clothing, hair.jewelry and eyeglasses can have a significant impact on the volume and mass measurements performed during your BOD POD test. It is extremely important that all subjects tested in the BOD POD remove all jewelry and eyeglasses, and wear minimal, form-fitting clothing such as a Lycra®, Spandex® or UnderArmour® during testing. Single-layer compression shorts and/or lightweight sports bras are also acceptable clothing (without padding or wires). A swim cap must also be worn to compress any air pockets within the hair.
Please wear APPROVED compression clothing. Swim cap will be provided by BodyYOU.

Approved Clothing for MEN:
Form-fitting Speedo or Lycra-like type swimsuit – OR -Single layer compression shorts (without padding)

Approved clothing for WOMEN:
Form-fitting Speedo or Lycra-like type swimsuit -OR -Single layer compression shorts &jog bra (without padding or wires)

Do not exercise within two hours prior to testing.
Do not eat or drink within two hours prior to testing.
Use restroom before testing (if necessary).
Sit still, breathe regularly and avoid talking during the brief testing period.
By following the simple steps above, you can be assured of an accurate BOD POD Measurement!
**The BOD POD has an over-sized window for a wide-open view while testing.

Process: Client information is entered into the computer. The BOD POD will validate for 2 minutes while client is in dressing room getting ready. Once validated, client is weighed (mass) then enters the BOD POD for two, brief 50-selond tests (door opened in between tests). After second test, client’s results are printed & discussed with BodyYOU Tester.